100% carbon fiber SUP paddles

carbon fiber SUP Paddle buying simplified

These are the original neon FIRE PADDLES by Fire Paddle Company.

State of the art blade, 100% carbon fiber, extremely lightweight FLOATING SUP PADDLES anyone can use and enjoy.

Sleek design, quality components, and six outrageous neon colors!



100% carbon fiber SUP paddles, INSANE NEON COLORS, hi tech paddles so light they FLOAT!

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New paddle got me 2nd Place finish in Men's 3 mile race at Baltimore SUP Cup Race #2! Love my FIRE PADDLE!

Ethan White
Maryland USA

I’m really enjoying the back angle and dihedral designed into this paddle. Great catch and drive.
My 2 piece allows for fine tuning length to conditions and the days discipline.
I’d recommend this paddle for all from beginner to the expert.
OH btw, the neon is easily seen for safety out on the water.

Michael Choate
United States

The paddle is so good - I paddled 9 miles with it today. Each stroke is like cutting through soft butter!!

Lise G.
Orlando, FL

I love this paddle! It’s the lightest paddle I’ve ever held. It’s easy to adjust the length and the handle feels perfect in my palm. Love the color too!

Kristen Mercer
United States

Silent entry into the water, lots of power with an aggressive bite out front, and NO flutter when you really hammer down on it! Awesome paddle.

Florida, USA

I used my Fire Paddle for the first yesterday! I love it! It’s light and very sturdy! I have the 3 piece paddle and love how it fits into the bag, great for traveling! Highly recommend this paddle in any of the awesome colors!

United States

Sick colors, people comment all day long, every day! You can see this thing a mile away! LOL Oh yeah, and IT FLOATS! Super FUN paddle to own!

Andy F.
Rainbow Springs, FL

this thing is freakn awesome! not just bc its PINK

Yuma, AZ

I love that this paddle floats, and also love the neon purple color. Everyone who holds it can't believe how light it is.

Annalise O
Ocala, Florida